Answers to some common questions

How do we book you? 
There's nothing to it. All I need is the date of your wedding and a small deposit of €250 to secure your date.

Do you use a contract? 
Yes, all weddings require a signed contract. It's a standard document that ensures we both understand the requirements on the day. There is mutual benefit to it.

We are only having a small wedding, do we get a reduced price? 
Smaller weddings are fantastic. As much as I love them, the work involved before, during and afterwards is the same so I cannot do anything on price unfortunately. 

Can we switch our package after we are booked in?
Absolutely, this is no problem. You can switch between packages, add additional items or remove them. I can work with you if you change your mind.

How long will it take to prepare our pictures?
It usually takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year and workload. I will do my best to have your images prepared for you as soon as I can. I know you will be excited to see them. You can use this timeframe as a guide.

Will some our of photographs be in black and white?
Yes, I usually edit a mix of black & white and colour. I think black and white pictures look fantastic in print. I usually just edit those that are particularly suited to this style.

Is there any flexibility in package prices?
My package prices are set the same for everybody. I can sometimes reduce the amount of coverage on the day if a couple are trying to stay within a tighter budget but this is quite rare.

Do you work alone or with an assistant? 
My wife accompanies me on wedding shoots to assist with lighting. This is mainly for creative work outside of the church. Like myself, she is very discreet. You will barely know we are there.

Do you use flash when taking pictures?
I use natural light as much as possible, especially in the church. I do use artificial light for creative work and occasionally to fill shadows if the weather is not playing along. I sometimes use continuous light if it's required. In any case there is little to no setup involved. We have this down to a fine art.

What do you edit in post production?
I adjust light levels, colour correction, remove distractions and ensure that everybody is just looking their best on the day.

Do you take formal family pictures?
Yes, I will make sure we include all of these on the day too. They usually take less than 30 minutes or so once everybody knows beforehand when they will be happening.

How would you describe your style?
My style is often described as contemporary, artistic and creative. I am professional but very relaxed and easy going. Over the years, I have developed a signature style, that is unique to me and the couples that I work for.